NRC will closely interface with you on the documents needed to help you to obtain the releases, such as copies of mortgages/deeds of trust or assignments and other tracking needs, freeing up your staff to work on current workloads. 

Today’s Loan Servicing has changed dramatically over the last decade.  There are a large array of new products, many complex regulations with which to comply & increasingly sophisticated demands from investors and borrowers.

The most important way a servicer can maximize income is to ensure the work is done to investor specifications.  It is never wise to allow time where insecure lien positions increase risk of investor penalties,  ‘payoff’ or other
complications.  All trailing documents gotten on time.

Allow us to help you improve your bottom line while freeing up your internal staff for more productive activities. NRC can obtain Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, Assignments, Title Policies, Foreclosure Documents, Property Tax data.


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